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Naked Bum... Srsly?

So. Tiger Woods: golfer, father, husband (most likely in that order, really). I remember when he first came on the scene, this young -black- man, with a golfing ability that apparently was next to none. Now, I do not see color. I do not care about color. But it struck me that no good would come of this: A young black man in a predominantly white sport, regaled by mostly white rich people, attended by mostly white people, who sit around and watch slightly overweight white men (a few women) wearing god-awful clothing choices, while they chase a small -white- ball around a grass covered course. See a pattern here? And yet here comes Tiger. And he blew them all away. He won over and over and over and I assure you, the white rage in the hearts of these wicked little two faced white old men was unparalleled. I would know. I have seen precious little worse racism than I have in “country club” golf courses in my days. These are not open minded people. I'm honestly surprised at some point someone didn't hand him the golf bag as he walked in, and pointed him to the other caddies. Yes, its that bad. Srsly.

On a side note, I will point you to this: http://projectnewera.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/racism-black-kids-denied-entry-to-pool/

and this: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/09/23/pennsylvania.swim.racism/index.html

if you need a refresher for that incident. These are pretty typical behaviors for these sorts of “clubs” which are the last bastion of the racists in America. Granted, it was more than likely both a race AND financial issue in my opinion, where these rich snobs did not want to rub elbows with the “unwashed” masses. But its fairly typical of the overall attitude of “clubs” of the rich and isolated.

I know from personal experience about Golf clubs. I have dated some very wealthy young males in my time. Being white (appearing as such anyway) gave me access into their world regardless to my lack of money growing up. I was well read, well spoken, and blended in easily with these people. The jokes you hear, the attitude you observe and experience among these people are eye-opening to the level of racism still alive in this country. I met quite a few golfers in my time as well, being dragged to these functions as a pretty young woman on the arm of some very handsome and wealthy young man.

I think what escapes most is that this is a social issue, plain and simple. Monogamy is for women in this world, not men, where whores and mistresses are commonplace, even IN THE SAME CLUB as the wife. As long as the mistresses know their place, the fur doesn't fly. More than once I had a conversation with my boyfriend at the time, “Is that X's wife?” to which he would quickly reply very softly, “Er.. no. That's his mistress. She golfs with him when his wife is otherwise occupied.”

Right. I remember being quite horrified at first, at the -level- of deception that I noted in these places, in this world, but after a while I realized just how commonplace it was. Even... -expected- behavior. Those that did not partake of such, never made it into the “inner” circle of power within these little organizations. Apparently you must be a lying, two faced, piece of trash dressed up in $1500 dollar mismatched outfits in order to “fit in” to their world.

So, with this knowledge in hand, the whole “Tiger Woods” debacle takes on a whole new light, does it not? If this, his attitude, is fairly commonplace, why the big kaboom? Several reasons.

  1. He's black, and hated, quietly, by MANY within his world, because he not only matched them, he was BETTER than any of them. BIIIIG nono. So they were more than happy to exploit and advertise his screwup.

  2. If this had been a black woman as his wife, this would not be on front page news. But not only is she -not- black, she's BLOND, rich, beautiful (really, just lovely), old money, educated, and connected. People have made light of the fact she was a nanny but I assure you, the rich and powerful DO NOT go to a nanny service like you read about. She was a rich man's daughter, working as a “nanny” to a rich white man's children. Something many young rich white girls often finds herself doing in the process of finding a “good” family circle to settle into, when they do not attend Yale or Harvard, or something along those lines to become rich in her own right. So Tiger betrayed one of the elite's little princesses that he was “lucky” to have been introduced to by another rich white man. THEY can screw anything that doesn't run fast enough. That's fine. Its understood. But he's black, and should be more appreciative of the things “given” to him by this elitist social structure.

  3. He was greedy, and careless. His white friends could be, and he forgot that when the doors shut and the curtains are closed, his “friends” in that circle see him as an interloper, and a black man who lost his way to his “place” behind them or next to them, not above them. Its also true that he is far too well known to be cavorting around like he did. He committed an act that seems it should be disallowed to those us in the real world: he got caught. And he gave them the tool they needed to beat the crap out of him; his own foolish lust.

Is he a cad? Yes. Is he any different than most of those in his world? No. But he's black, and he forgot that to them? He's just a black man who got lucky hitting a little white ball. And they might smile and shake his hand and share their world with him? But he should be grateful to them, for their generosity. Thats how they see it. He fell from grace, and gave them all they needed to remove him from their world. I feel for him because he learned something that most minorities know already:

You are not a doctor, or a lawyer, or a golfer, or a politician. You are a -black- doctor, a -black- lawyer, a -black- golfer, or a -black- politician. Its a mindset that is firmly implanted in the minds of those over 50s in this social structure, and they have spread that infection to their children and grandchildren. Its much the same for women, by the by. We are -female- doctors, -female- lawyers, -female- golfers, and -female- politicians. And for those that would say I'm being over-reactive? How many times do you ever hear people describe Jack Nicholson as a “white” golfer? Never. He's a professional golfer. Not... a -white- golfer. Why? Because its assumed. THINK about that. Tiger is and has always been, a professional -black- golfer to most who talk about him. “Who is Tiger Woods?” …. “Oh you know, that professional black golfer.” … “Oh yeah, him.”

He broke the rules. He got caught. And this has nothing to do with sex, or mistresses on a very deep scale. And that...

Is sad.

We have such a long way to go in this county when it comes to equal rights for all. But do not despair, we are making headway. Slowly. I no longer get “crazy” looks when I say:

There is no race but the human race. Color is only skin deep.”

Women can vote. Blacks and other minorities can vote (not so minority anymore, by the by). Blacks and whites can marry each other (cross-race marriage), legally. Other religions can practice openly without fear of suffering. Now, lets work on gender and gender preference rights. Once we cross that hurdle, we'll be well on our way to ending racism in and of itself. Why? Because its a slippery slope, and we have to change the minds and hearts, not laws. Time will accomplish it.







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