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Homeschool Cult Mantra

I homeschool my two younger boys. They are 5 (Nathan) and 7 (Xander). Both have challenges, which is part of the reason for my having them homeschooled in the first place. Xander has ADHD and Nathan has ADD. Xander has a few other challenges, such as dyslexia (from Mommy) and bad vision (from Daddy). He has a wandering eye that we will probably have to get corrected by surgery, if and when I can get it taken care of. Nathan's primary challenge is his ADD, which is fairly profound. He definitely is the, “2x2 is 4, 3x3 is … oh look! A bug!” sort of kid. I feel badly for him. Xander's main challenge with the ADHD is simply sitting still and not flying into a rage at every rough spot or place where he has to do something over. It is my opinion that he is also O.D.D. (oppositional defiance disorder... or something like that). He is a challenge due to his behavior, while Nathan's is simply to -pay attention- to what he needs to do for more than 30 seconds without distractions.

Thats not to say that we have not come up with various tricks to handle things. Nathan sits and does his work with huge headphones over his ears, and classical piano music playing in them, to drown out the various other sounds to distract him. He sits with his back to everything, literally in a corner with his desk, so that the visual distractions are also at a minimum. Within those parameters, he does fairly well. However, obviously, public school would be a …... unpleasant challenge for him and his teachers, as well as for us having to fight for him constantly. I will not put him on Ritalin. Both boys take Gotu Kola which works wonders. But drugs only do so much good, and it falls to discipline and learning to deal with a lifelong challenge.

So, homeschooling. On its face, is a very good thing. I am proud that we are teaching my kids what they need to learn without the drama and trauma that being “odd” in the mainstream public system would cause both my boys. They attend homeschooling groups to get socialization, and my mother also does the church thing with them, to ensure they get more. And that, is where things begin to unravel for me. Church. Christian “teaching” and “training” up a child in “the way he should go” according to their dogma.

The homeschooling products used to teach my children border on brainwashing. Seriously. Its... nauseating and obvious. Of course, to kids, they do not know any better, but meh. As I sit and listen to my son “read” to me from his homework, the sheer audacity of this drivel is almost impossible to handle. I want to shut the book, and cross out every reference to Christ and God “says” … but there would be nothing else to read. Oy.

Now, that's not to say that I did not look for other options. I have. But when I went through this search a few years ago, I chanced across NONE but religious drivel and point blank nauseating bordering-on-brainwashing options. And that's not just Christian folks. It was every faith, even Atheists. Christian, Islam, Jewish, Pagan, Atheist... it was all just wow. They cost a lot less than the “pure teaching” options, like a lot less, and I can see why people make that choice. Still, I want other options than this religious or anti-religious dogma printed out in pamphlets to brainwash our younger generation as they learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. Seriously.

When did religion get to the point of “sales” calls. Really? Did I miss something? The saturation they strive for is a little scary. Are they that insecure? It really makes a person wonder, honestly, just what religion is coming to, (or non-religion), that they must point their focus on the children to brainwash them that early. I thought religion was about choice? No?

I am told this is not new. I suppose it isn't. But really, it should be stopped. No child should be subjected to this drivel. They should read and write according to simple fact. You can teach morals without all this brainwashing. Morals are not simply a religious thing, they are a logic thing. It bothers me on a very basic level. Of course, I am the same person who sits and argues against the railing wind about separation of church and state. I see the slippery slope started a long time ago, in the hearts and minds of our youth as they were LEARNING the basics to life. Oy. Just... oy.

So, I sit and think about how to fix things. And I have some idea. But we shall see mm? Time is a great thing and who knows what will happen in the decades to come. Still, I think caution is due. If we are so willing to brainwash our children into our faith, then we truly are insecure in that faith; faith should teach itself. That's what I believe. If you cannot win and keep followers based on your -actions- as a group, then you really are hypocrites and you are hiding from that. If the only fall-back you have, is the brainwashing early in life, you are not seeking knowledge OR truth. You are seeking mindless followers. And last I checked?

Not a single faith holds a god or prophet that asked for that. Interesting, mm?

Onward and upward. Till next time.



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